About Rangeview Private Nursing Home

Our Vision:

To ensure all recipients recieve quality service.

Our Mission:

To respect residents’ choices determining optimum care by dedicated staff.

Our Values:

Empathy, Integrity and Compassion

Our Philosophy:

Rangeview Private Nursing Home provides care from high quality staff, according to social justice principles, in a community environment, with full cooperation from other health providers.


A Short History

Rangeview Private Nursing home was opened in October 1980 at the Worland Road site, originally catering for 30 high care residents.  Residents were in shared rooms- some 6 bed, some 4 bed, and some 2 bed.  Even though residents were nursed in a much smaller environment, the standard of care was exceptional and standards were met according to those of the day.
However, the government required better living conditions and improved standards for residents so a new state of the art facility was built at the current Mason Street site, this time providing single rooms with shared ensuites, 2 shared two bed rooms and a 15 bed hostel all with single rooms with their own ensuites.
Rangeview has been able to maintain compliance with all 44 standards since their origin and strives to continuously improve what is provided for the residents. 
During 2015 an additional 15 hostel beds with facilities to cater for more independent residents were completed. This area includes adjoining rooms for couples.