Activities & Events

Rangeview Private Nursing Home encourages and supports resident orientated activities with monthly resident planning meetings catering to individual and group activities in a home-style setting supported by qualified staff and a broad base of dedicated volunteers.
Activity choices include:

  • Rangeview committee- an opportunity for residents to take an active role in what decisions are made in regard to their diversional therapy programs, and to keep residents and relatives informed of whhorse visitat is happening.  Meetings encourage group cohesiveness, with peer interaction, confidence building and increase in self-worth.
  • Outings  for lunch, afternoon tea, special events- provide something to look forward to, opportunities for socialization, sensory touch, sight and smell, encouraging independence and excitement.
  • Group games - word games, group sporting games such as indoor bowling provides socialization in a fun environment with residents, staff and volunteers.
  • Small group activities- e.g. reading, supper, music, chatting and short walks inside the building.
  • Footy tipping- allows football followers to continue to enjoy their sport with friendly competition each week.
  • Happy hour- opportunities for socialization in an informal family environment while enjoying a variety of beverages and snack foods.  A time to reminisce and unwind.
  • Weekend quiz- improves mental function, utilization of visual senses, encourages one to one with family/friends and residents with limited mobility can enjoy this activity.
  • Men’s club -encourages opportunities for participants to share memories of projects they have completed over their lives.
  • Concerts- provide opportunities for socialization with the wider community.  A time of singing familiar songs with group participation.
  • Little Shop - promotes and continues residents’ shopping experience, personal choices and independence.
  • Crafts-e.g. Card marking and handcraft
  • Damo's Cafe - BBQs and mobile coffee shop- participants enjoy a variety of menus of their choice.
  • Visiting church groups- support and maintain residents’ spiritual needs on a regular basis- Catholic, Church of England, Salvation Army and Uniting Church.
  • Rangeview’s Pet Therapy animals- offer residents the opportunity to give meaningful care to other living creatures, christmasencouraging nurturance, responsibility and adherence to daily schedule.
  • Exercise class- promotes feelings of mental and physical wellbeing, with a sense of challenge and achievement.
  • Garden club-enhances eye/hand co-ordination, increases awareness of surroundings, boosts self-esteem while observing growth of seeds and garden projects. The residents have the opportunity to care for individual raised garden beds, giving them easy access to the flowers and vegetables that they choose.
  • Social club-participants can feel comfortable expressing themselves in a safe environment where they are listened to with confidence and self-worth increased.
  • Bingo - an enjoyable fun activity for participants to find accomplishment and reward.  It provides eye/hand co-ordination and stimulation. It also encourages good listening and comprehension.
  • Special breakfasts - an opportunity for residents to enjoy a variety of breakfast menus of their choice in an atmosphere of family and belonging, to start the day on a high note.
  • Massage therapy- both organized, and spontaneous one to one sessions, enhance quality interaction with residents and volunteers.  Participants can be pampered and cared for in a gentle way with opportunities for conversation.
  • Movie DVD sessions- provides enjoyment for residents with minimal mobility in a relaxing atmosphere with fun food to increase the experience.
  • Hairdresser and beautician-provides grooming activities where residents can feel pampered and cared for in a gentle way.
  • Special events include Olympics, Cultural days, Queen’s birthday, St. Patrick’s day, Christmas, Easter.  Special events play a major role in reinforcing reality orientation.  Activities allow conversation, something to dress up for and look forward to with excitement.
  • Acknowledgement and celebration of significant Australian events- Australia Day, Anzac day and Remembrance Day.
  • University of Rangeview - Offering intellectual stimulation. Learning new information and sharing knowledge, encouraging conversation.