Facilities & Services

Grounds and environment:

Our lawns and gardens are maintained by the gardener and envinromental services staff, with the help of volunteers.  Maintenance is also done by the environmental services person, with more complex issues outsourced.
The grounds have a simple layout with paths around the building for access.
The enclosed courtyard provides a cool atmosphere with pond/water features and greenery providing a restful setting for residents to enjoy sitting with family and friends. The courtyard also has aviaries of birds and residents have taken an interest in the budgerigars raising babies.

The patio area allows for alternative seating and friends and relatives can take advantage of the barbeque facilities.
Some residents enjoy gardening so are encouraged with looking after pot plants and the raised vegetable gardens are very popular with residents.

Willy Wagtails visit on an annual basis to build a nest and raise their babies which provides much interest for staff and residents.  Blue Wrens also fly in regularly to pick up crumbs from the staff outdoor eating area.
The rose garden provides an abundance of blooms for residents and staff to pick to decorate the home.


Access to the community:

Transport is available to access appointments and for shopping by using the bus service.  A bus shelter is situated in front of the nursing home which was provided by the Rotary Club of Wangaratta after much campaigning by a resident. 
Residents and relatives utilize the Wangaratta taxi service which also has Maxi taxis available for wheelchair residents.
Visiting groups provide internal community contact for residents e.g. RSL representatives and visiting children from a local school.



Several sitting areas are available for the comfort and convenience of visitors.  The recently refurbished small lounge rooms ensure privacy for visiting a resident.

There are also dining facilities available so that relatives can share a meal with their resident.  A small charge is made, per meal, for relatives and it is advisable to book at least 24 hours beforehand.

There is no set times for visiting but relatives and friends are asked to be considerate in not visiting if unwell, to prevent infecting residents who may be compromised because of their medical condition.