Our Care

Health Care Services:
Prior to admission it is recommended to have a preadmission interview.  Before information is collected regarding the resident’s condition permission is obtained from the resident or his/her representative and reassurance is given that information will be kept confidential and private.
Following admission, nursing assessments are done for the first month to allow for a comprehensive care plan to be formulated concerning all medical and nursing care needs.  This care plan will be reviewed on a regular basis with input from the resident or their representative.
The resident will be able to maintain his/her own doctor of choice and also have access to allied health services, such as physiotherapy, podiatry, dietary services, and speech pathology.

Pastoral Care Services:
Residents are supported in maintaining their religious affiliation and many church groups visit the nursing home on a regular basis.
There are in-house services every fortnight for the Church of England, monthly services for the Salvation Army, monthly masses for the Catholic Church and the Uniting Church also have regular services.
Other faiths can be accommodated by individual arrangements with a particular pastor.
Staff acknowledge the death of a resident by displaying their photo at the nurse’s station with the family’s permission.